Flashback Review – Randy Travis “Spirit of a Boy, Wisdom of a Man”

Flashback Review – Randy Travis “Spirit of a Boy, Wisdom of a Man”

It may not be his biggest hit, but i believe this is right up there with Three Wooden Crosses and Forever and Ever Amen as one of the best singles of his career. The third single from his first album on DreamWorks, You and You Alone was released on October 5, 1998. The song peaked at number 2 on Billboard’s Hot Country Singles chart on January 30th, 1999. The original version of the song was from Mark Collie’s 1995 album Tennessee Plates.

To me, Spirit of a Boy, Wisdom of a Man serves and a reminder that whatever choice we make in life we have to live with no matter which of the two voices we heed. No better example of this than Travis’ own life, whether its his many run ins on the wrong side of the law or his legendary country career. What happened to songs like this? What happened to life lessons, to substance?

The production starts out slow, with piano and fiddle then shifts to accoustic guitar and Travis’ signature vocals start. We find ourselves taking a journey through young love all the way up to it going too far. To where the the teenager has to decide which road to take. Whether hes going to be a boy and run, or be a man and take the responsibility on. We go through the bridge that reminds us that “you live with decisions you make in your life” to emerge later in life. We find ourselves agian at the crossroads agian of wondering which road he will choose. Whether he does the wrong thing or the right. This one,like alot of good country songs leaves us to form our own conclusion. Thats part of the beauty of this song in my opinion.

The vocals, production,  and songwriting are all top notch here. I cant find anywhere I would change the song period……5 stars