Sorry for all the crap on my blog but I got hacked by the BEYHIVE 

Well I apologize for all the crap that’s on my blog right now I got hacked by aparent Beyonce fans who want to call me a racist and a cracker and whatever else they want to call me because Daddy Lessons wasn’t number one on my list of songs for 2016. Because she wasnt on my best albums of 2016 she wasn’t the best female artist of 2016.

 I mean this is Outsiders looking in and saying that we’re racist in country music because we won’t award a outside song on our list as the best and they want it called country.They didn’t even know who Eric Church was they called him Lurch or something and I guess they don’t know Rhiannon Giddens was on my list with Eric Church in the number 2 spot and she’s African-American. Apparently not. I don’t know what to do with my blog made them chose it I guess it was easy to get into or something but this morning when I got here I couldn’t get on here, I had to reset my password and everything. Then I took screenshots of all of it. Hopefully here in a little while my blog will be back to normal. Thank you all for reading, thank you for bearing with me while I take care of this situation.


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