Little Big Town has the fortune to have their last single of the year sitting at number 16, over the hump before the winter freeze. Hopefully this one will make it to number 1, if so it will be the second song in around a year to have a solo writer and make number 1, first being Humble and Kind. 

The song was written solely by Taylor Swift, proving what was so amazing about her best songwriting..The ability to write beyond her years. Honestly Swift never came to mind when i heard this, I just thought this was a well written song by the band because it fits like a glove. This is the pre-Girl Crush Little Big Town. Not that I didn’t love Girl Crush, I missed this sound.

The song is about a woman who has left someone ,( husband, boyfriend )most likely verbally or physically abusive, who found the courage to run from her toxic relationship. Throughout the song we feel the regret and the longing for the way things used to be, the good times, and at the same time acceptance that it was for the best. 

Karen Fairchild delivers this like shes lived and breathed every last word, perfect from begining to the end. The groups harmony flows through the choruses perfectly. The production, while bordering pop-country, is beautifully done. This is a song that does what a country song is supposed to do, makes you feel every word.

This is one of the best songs of the year for 2016, thumbs up!  5 stars


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