2016 has brung a different side of Justin Moore, his current album Kinda Don’t Care is alot more contemporary as opposed to the traditional and southern rock of his earlier CDs. Contemporary as it may be, there’s no autotune, and there’s actually real drums on this unlike most of the current R&B trend.

The song is basically more of the same in a way, but at the same time it is a fresh take on the subject. The songs fairly well written but there could be some improvement. Plus I’m a little tired of the brand mentions in half the damn songs on the radio. It’s like a ad in a song.

This is Moore’s least country single that he’s released, and while I wish this was more country honestly this song is a quilty pleasure right now. I do give Justin kudos for trying something a little different and the production is really good, although agian not as country as I’d like. Honestly stuff like this is fine as long as theres balance. I’ll go back to Alan Jackson on the subject and say that I just wish there was equality with pop country and traditional.

Another side note: alot of people criticize Moore’s accent as fake, but I like it. I belive its real and it’s one of his biggest assets.

3 1/2 stars

Listen Below!


8 thoughts on “Single Review – Justin Moore “Somebody Else Will”

  1. See, this is the type of thing I like to see. Not so much that you like it necessarily, but that you’re honest on how you feel about it. I respect the hell out of that, man.

    Really, I don’t have much of an opinion on this. I’m not one to plug in the fact of whether something is country or not (because there are a lot of different ways you could take that argument), so that part really doesn’t bother me.

    I think it’s a decent enough pop song that’s passable, even if not memorable down the road. I’m at a loss for what else to say about it honestly.


    1. Thank you, I like to write the most honest reviews I can, even if it pisses some people off. I respect the hell outta you as well, because ik you had opinions that differered from the rest of Country Perspective and you shared those. I owe credit to Trigger at SCM and Country Perspective for me doing this although I do disagree with them from time to time, Ik its a honest opinion, especially Trigger.


      1. My comment about CP came off more harsh than I wanted it to, but thank you, I appreciate that.

        Btw, can you delete comments on here? If so I got something to tell ya.

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