I know this isn’t exactly new, it’s from earlier in the year, I still had to review it. I’ve always been a huge Reba fan admittedly. There’s nobody that can carry the emotions of a song like this than Reba McEntire.

This is a beautiful tribute to her late father Clark McEntire who passed away in October 2014 at age 86. The video was filmed on the McEntire family land, and features her mother. “Mama had to be in the video. She was and still is the glue to our family,” McEntire says. “We shot the entire video in Chockie, Okla. on the McEntire home-place. Those old hills mean a lot to me. I lived there 21 years and they still call me back time after time.”

The production is gorgeous on this song, Tony Brown made some great calls in the studio. This was probably the most traditional of Reba’s latest cd, and one of the most traditional meaningful singles of the last few years from the mainstream. McEntire’s vocals are raw real and emotional on this one, and although she did not write this, ( Tommy Lee James and Liz Hengber did ) she makes it sound like she did. The sigh at the last chorus says it all. I have no complaints about this one, it’s perfect.

5 stars


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